“Elegance always has a place on the wall”


Paintings under the collection set the basis for a commission work



  • continuous series
  • original signed paintings
  • high quality watercolour paints
  • 300 gsm cold pressed acid-free paper
  • 42 cm x 30 cm (standard unframed)
  • 63 cm x 50 cm (approx. standard framed)


  • Offices
  • Lobbies
  • Lounges
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms


Born in Malaysia, grew up in England, the artist always had a talent for model-making and drawing from childhood and later developed a fascination for ethnic culture at university. He studied art and archaeology for the Master of Arts in Southeast Asian Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. After founding a shadow puppet theater, he frequently visited Kelantan to study the dying art of Wayang Kulit shadow puppetry. One thing led to another and eventually he became a full-time artist, focusing on the neglected Malaysian cultural tradition. While painting at the studio of a renowned Kelantanese painter, his first few paintings were immediately bought by private art collectors, including the country’s leading Tok Dalang (Wayang Kulit puppet master).

The painting medium is watercolor and the style may be termed as old world classic. Requests for both individual and multiple commission work are accepted.


Tel: +60 (016) 837 9709

Email: samsonrazalikoroh@gmail.com

For Commission Work

Please state the 1) Design under the collection, 2) Number of pieces, 3) Size(s) of pieces. Price and delivery time will be assessed upon request.